Arkadia is one of the largest shopping centres in Poland, located in Warsaw and visited by nearly 20 million people annually. Arkadia is distinguished by its friendly architecture: glass roofs, spacious walkways, fancy mosaics designs, and also natural stone and glass elements. To maintain a consistent concept of space, the design required the use of a range of solutions, unique and compatible with the whole design.

The designed utility space required a specially designed swing fire doors covered with glass. This product is a perfect solution in places where the direction of evacuation is impossible to determine. This product does not require any frame either. The door leaf can be mounted directly to the wall or ceiling. In addition, the system of closers is not required, automatic return to the closed position is achieved by gravity, thanks to innovative solutions of hinge system. The possibility to have various designs of door materials allows integration of the product with almost any space while maintaining its unique character.  The solution is patented.