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Overview, design, and properties

The Marc-Kds fixed smoke control curtain comprises the following basic components: the curtain sheet, the dedicated installation hardware specified for the exact construction partition type, and the bottom ballast piece. The curtain can be provided with guide rails as an option. The curtain sheet is made of a non-flammable glass-fibre woven fabric, in grey-silver colouring as a standard.

A bottom ballast strip is attached to the bottom edge of the curtain and available in various shapes and sizes. A standard module of the Marc-Kds fixed smoke control curtain module is 6000 mm wide. Individual modules can be used to create a line of curtains of unlimited dimensions, which may also conform to an arch.

EN 12101-1:2005+A1:2006 fire resistance rating range: D30, D60, D90, D120, DA, DH30, and DH60.

Curtain weight max. 1.0 kg/m2.

Smoke permeability through shell fabric up to 10 m3/h/m2.

Zastosowanie produktu Marc-Kds


The Marc-Kds fixed smoke control curtains are intended for regulatory-compliant isolation of smoke control zones and form smoke containment. A system of smoke control curtains ensures control over the distribution of combustion gases and smoke inside of buildings. It also allows for an efficient division of spaces into fire zones and smoke containment. The unlimited product size options allow containment of very large areas with the smoke control curtains. When connected as modules, they can form smoke control curtain lines unlimited in size.

This product is mainly intended for large-footprint manufacturing shops and warehouse buildings. The smoke control curtains provide flexible isolation of smoke control zones; thanks to their low installation requirements, they are perfect whenever it is required to isolate smoke control zones directly under the roof or a separating floor. The unlimited product size options allow containment of very large areas with the smoke control curtains. The product can be customised and adapted to form smoke control partitions of any shape.

Compared to rigid sheet metal or panels of a door shell, the resilient material of the fixed smoke control curtain allows its installation at any stage of the project, even the last one, to enable opening of penetrations for plumbing in the sheet. Given its low weight, the product requires no additional subframe for installation.


  • Penetrations for plumbing and structural elements can be opened;
  • possibility of modular combination of single curtains, also to create an arch-like design;
  • possibility to place graphic designations on the curtain shell surface;


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