Corporate governance growth

Małkowski-Martech S.A. has launched a new operational strategy which will be consistently followed in the coming years. It is an end-to-end corporate strategy for all teams and business units, focused on target management. All activities under the strategy are intended to develop a competitive advantage and build a strong proprietary brand. This corporate strategy is focused on building a more advantageous market position and competitive advantages through providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions (especially by expanding the range of products), with provision of high-quality services which are flexibly customised. The corporate strategy provides for influencing the subcontractors, who are deemed to be businesses inextricably tied to the corporate image, determining the customers’ perception of Małkowski-Martech S.A..

R&D growth

The company’s competitive edge relies first on a strong position of an expert in passive fire protection. This status is maintained by expanding the knowledge of civil engineering and fire protection in all strategic business units. This provided a strong foundation for the following Departments: Research and Development, Design Engineering, Fulfilment, and the Sales and Manufacturing Divisions; these units operate in strict correlation with one another to develop new solutions and improve the existing ones. This team-wide synergy which applies modern tools and technologies has allowed the company become one of the industry sector leaders in Poland.

Product growth

The foundation of product growth at the company are fire doors with various fire resistance ratings and smoke control curtains; these products are based on proprietary technologies and domestic patents. For each product group which covers a separate kind of fire protection products, Małkowski-Martech S.A. has a file of separate marketing authorisation documents, required by the Polish building law. Experience in customised products is a differentiator of the company among its competitors. The capability of designing custom and innovative solutions is a major competitive advantage driver and an important decision-making criterion of prospective customers who consider choosing the portfolio of Małkowski-Martech S.A.

Customer service and commercial model growth

For its commercial model, the company intends to further develop its strategic business units which directly determine the sales and customer relations. In these two areas are two pillars which determine the current business of Małkowski-Martech S.A. One pillar is the direct sales to end customers, with end-to-end support in the delivery of passive fire protection. The second pillar of commercial operations is the distribution of core products through a network of Sales Partners operating throughout Poland. To bolster a more dynamic growth, improve the quality of service and simultaneously strengthen the brand, the company is highly committed to coordinate the operations of its business units, improve the internal communication, and keep a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Aside from the sales offer, key personnel of the company highlight education to the customers, as a means to improve the customers’ awareness of the Polish building law and fire protection requirements. The commercial model of the company provides for popularisation of its solutions among architects. Architects are important customers who should not be viewed as a group of direct consumers, but a chain link used to reach the end customers. The strategy for growth provides for a continuous focus on contact with design engineers and mutual correlation to exchange the knowledge of market needs, design engineering trends, and the dedicated solutions from the company to meet the demands of civil engineering.

Growth in current and new market segments

The growth concept of the company provides for continued expansion in Poland and an increase of exports ales. The growth stimuli of the fire protection industry identified by the company have facilitated a grouping of operational areas into the following market segments: Poland, neighbouring western European countries, Scandinavia, Russia, and eastern neighbours (Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine). The strategic objectives assumed by the Management are to increase the sales in these segments. For all countries — except for Poland — there will be an ultimate extension of the Sales Partner network through which the proprietary products will be distributed. The company included an option of expanding its commercial range with products from Western business partners. This correlation will allow the company to provide a wider selection of products in Poland. The strategy is consistently pursued and will continue in the upcoming years.

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