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Produkt - Marc-P+


The Marc-P+ sliding fire door comprises the following basic components: the door leaf, the truck rail running system, the stile, the labyrinth sealing components and the optional man door.

The door leaf (60 or 100 mm for EI120 or EI30/EI60, respectively) comprises upright panels which can be 400 to 1200 mm wide, the top profiles, the bottom profile, bracing hardware and cladding of 0.5 - 0.7 mm thick galvanized sheet steel.

Each door leaf panel features a modified, fire-resistant mineral wool core in class A1 with internal reinforcement formed by steel bars (a solution protected by European Patent no. W 02/079600A1).

The truck rail running system of the door comprises steel trucks, a steel truck rail and the closing movement operated by a counterweight.

Optionally, the doors can be operated with type VIC electric drive units.

The standard color selection includes RAL 7035, 9002, 9010 and 7016

The sliding doors can be optionally provided with a man door. The standard man door version is provided with a lever tumbler lock, double-sided door handle hardware and spring-return hinges. The man door can also be provided with panic exit devices (with locks or levers), and a sliding rail door closer.

Zastosowanie produktu Marc-P+


The Marc-P+ sliding fire doors are intended for regulatory-compliant separation of fire zones inside and outside of buildings and across handling system flows.

This product is mainly intended for public buildings, shopping malls, industrial plants and warehouse buildings. It is a perfect wall closure solution whenever the installation clearance can be provided at least on one side of the installation opening.

The sliding doors can have optional man doors; if the parking space beneath the overhead door is limited, the door can have a 2 or 3-section telescopic leaf.

Operating principle

The basic door version has the leaf closed by gravity-assisted movement of the counterweight. The door can be held open with an e-mag holder wired to the on-site fire alarm control panel. In the event of a fire alarm, the control panel releases the e-mag holder and the door leaf closes the passage between the fire zones. The door can be opened manually. The door can be optionally provided with an electrical drive unit which operates the door to open and close. The door can be delivered without a counterweight.


  • Available with Sa and S200 class as per PN-EN 13501-2:2016;
  • Available in an Ex-proof version [PN-EN, ATEX];
  • The door components can be ordered finished in any RAL palette colour or in stainless steel;
  • Available with an electric drive unit
  • Version with a no-threshold man door;
  • Available with more than one man door per leaf;
  • The door leaf is lockable in the closed position;
  • Can be provided with a wide range of electrical accessories, including fire alarm systems, door leaf position monitoring and access control solutions;
  • Fire alarm control panel with an UPS, pre-wired for interfacing with the field fire alarm system and/or local smoke/heat detectors;
  • The electrical accessories can be kitted with the fire alarm control panel and include: remote control panel, smoke and/or heat detectors, fire alarm indicators (sounders and/or beacons) and an open and/or closed position sensor.


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