Swing door

Fire resistance:

EI 60

Produkt - Marc-Wh

Overview, design, and properties

The Marc-Wh swinging fire door comprises a door leaf attached to the construction partition. Each leaf panel features a modified, fire-resistant mineral wool core in rating A1 with internal reinforcement formed by steel bars (a solution protected by European Patent no. W 02/079600A1), and clad in galvanized steel sheet.

The standard colour selection includes RAL 7035, 9002, and 9010. The door components can be ordered finished in any RAL palette colour or in stainless steel on request.

A Delta intumescent circumferential seal is installed around the door leaf. The door leaf-integrated hinges provide a self-closing movement and can be attached directly to the underside of the wall opening header, to the floor, and the wall.

Zastosowanie produktu Marc-Wh


The Marc-Wh swing fire doors are intended for regulatory-compliant separation of fire zones. The doors enable two-way trac through the fire separation and easy emergency egress. This product is mainly intended for manufacturing facilities, power engineering installations and cable tunnels.

Optional accessories:

  • Additional door frame (corner or wrap-around)
  • Additional kick plates;
  • Door closer or gas springs
  • Pull handles
  • Glazing panels
  • The product can be prepared for veneer, film, and outer cladding of various types


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