Marc-Ok plus

Resilient window curtain

Fire resistance:

EI 60 EI 90 EI 120

Shell thickness:

9 mm - 6 kg/m2 EI60 / EW120
18 mm - 9 kg/m2 EI90 / EW120, EI120 / EW120

Minimum shaft box dimensions:

250 x 275 (EI60), 325 x 350 (EI120)

Door size:

Designed per custom specifications

Produkt - Marc-Ok plus


Extremely light structure


Quick and easy installation

the simple winding shaft ‘Slide & Lock’ system helps reduce the installation time by 25%


Flush shaft box finish

– the EI60-rated version’s shaft box is installed flush with the guide rails


Concealed curtain sheet

Overview, design, and properties

The Marc-Ok plus fire protection window curtain comprises the following components: the curtain sheet, the guide rails, the winding shaft, the shaft brackets, and a VIC drive unit. The curtain sheet is made of three of five layers of multi-ply textile in the EI60 or EI120 rated version, respectively. The primary component of the sheet’s multi-ply structure is steel-wire reinforced glass fibre. The top edge of the curtain sheet is attached to the winding shaft. Along the bottom edge of the curtain sheet is the ballast, which keeps the sheet properly taut (which removes creasing and provides proper winding on the shaft) and provides additional bracing. The winding shaft is installed on brackets attached to the partition. The winding shaft and the brackets are installed inside of the shaft box. The shaft box fascia is made from 0.7 - 1.0 mm galvanized steel sheet. The vertical edges of the curtain sheet carry running shoes which move inside of the guide rail profiles. The cross-sectional size of the guide rail is 80 x 120 mm. The guide rail fascia is made from 0.7 mm galvanized steel sheet. The guide rail and shaft box fascias are available in galvanised sheet coated in three basic colours, RAL 7035, 9002, and 9010. A custom colour or a stainless steel sheet version can be ordered.

The standard Marc-Ok plus window curtain version is provided with a thermal fusible trip and a safety retarder which uses a torsion spring to slow down the unwinding of the curtain and prevent injury.

The Marc-Ok plus resilient fire protection window curtains can be provided with power drive units for operating the closing and opening movement, also as commanded by the interfaced field fire alarm system.

Zastosowanie produktu Marc-Ok plus


The Marc-Ok plus resilient fire protection window curtains are intended for regulatory-compliant separation of fire zones inside and outside of buildings.

Thanks to the low header installation height required, the curtain is perfect for installation at construction partitions where every square centimetre of usable floor area matters and the product dimensions must be minimised. It can be installed to harmonise perfectly with exposed exterior wall finishes which require a specific fire resistance rating. Marc-Ok plus are resilient fire zone closures and given their very high fire resistance rating, they can be a successful alternative to passive fire protection solutions which require a larger installation space. They can be installed in tandem with non-fire-rated roller shutters. For outdoor installations, the product can be installed on offset brackets to cancel cold bridges.

Operating principle

The window Marc-Ok plus fire protection window curtains up to 2.5 m wide and high do not require an electric drive unit. These products are released to close with a thermal fusible trip, which breaks when exposed to approximately 74°C, and the curtain sheet unwinds to close the fire zone. The torsion spring installed in the shaft ensures a constant closing speed and provides an easy opening action without any additional drive operators, like cranks. The product is available in larger dimensions and with enhanced technical parameters on individual request.

For powered Mark-Ok plus resilient fire protection window curtains, the curtain sheet is wound on the shaft and held open either by a brake or the self-arresting drive transmission. When a fire alarm is detected at the control inputs, the sheet is released and unwinds into the closed position.


  • Available in PN-EN 13501-2:2016 smoke control class Sa and S200
  • Available in an Ex-proof version [PN-EN, ATEX] on individual request
  • Can be provided with a wide range of electrical accessories, including fire alarm systems, curtain position monitoring, and access control solutions;
  • Fire alarm control panel with an UPS, pre-wired for interfacing with the field fire alarm system and/or local smoke/heat detectors;
  • The electrical accessories can be kitted with the fire alarm control panel and include: remote control panel, smoke and/or heat detectors, fire alarm indicators (sounders and/or beacons), and an open and/or closed position sensor
  • Drive units available with gravity assisted closing action or hand-operated opening action.


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