Handling system closures

Handling system fire closures

Fire resistance:

EI 30 EI 60 EI 120

Produkt - Handling system closures

Description, design of handling system closures

Pursuant to the testing standard PN-EN 1366-7:2006 Fire resistance tests for service installations, Part 7: Handling systems and their closures, a fire closure and the handling system protected by it include:

1. Moving closure assembly - a fire door

2. Sealing around the conveyor
with a suitable fire resistance class (permanent penetration seal)

3. Emergency clearing system (a device which removes the transported item
which makes it impossible to close the hole
through the door)

4. Conveyor, fire door, and emergency clearing system automatic

Depending on the conveyor geometry, the system configuration may vary; each fire closure system is customised to match the project specification of each owner.

Based on its own documentation, Małkowski-Martech S.A. manufactures fire protection closures for handling systems. The products feature many innovative solutions certified with Polish and European patents.

Zastosowanie produktu Handling system closures


The fire closures are intended for installation at the penetrations of handling systems in fire zone separating walls. Each handling system fire closure solution is designed and adapted to custom specifications of the project owner.

The selection of products components includes the closure solution, the required fire-proof seals within the handling system conveyor, and optionally, an optional emergency removal system to clear the handled materials from the operating range of the fire closure.

The fire closure control can be extended and integrated to include the handling system and, if required, it can ensure emergency power supply for a consistent and failsafe performance of the fire closure.

Operating principle

The controls ensure full fire safety for both buildings and the entire handling line. In the event of a fire emergency, the control system monitors the clear passage of the door for obstruction by handled materials and accelerates or decelerates the handling line.

Synchronisation of closure of fire protection handling systems with the operation of the transport line is a control priority and guarantees that the system maintains its function during a fire.


  • handling system position monitoring inputs and outputs;
  • fire alarm acknowledgement inputs and outputs;
  • awaiting the external release of door closing operation;
  • system operating area monitoring;
  • failure display/indication
  • connectivity with peripherals, including all types of indicators/displays, fire detectors, manual call points, remote control panels, and other solutions specified by the project owner;
  • emergency override of the handling system to clear the fire closure operating range, governed by specific input/output states.

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