Business model

Małkowski-Martech S.A. is a manufacturer of fire doors, the primary passive fire protection components in many public and large-area buildings.

Małkowski-Martech S.A. provides a wide selection of passive fire protection products with the CE marking, including protection curtains, sliding doors, sliding double doors, overhead doors, roller shutters, double doors, window curtains, smoke control curtains (fixed and mobile), handling system closures, fire closures for WtE fuel bunkers, and large scenic doors.

Our product portfolio is first addressed to the users and administrators of offices, commercial premises, industrial facilities, warehouses, healthcare operations, and residential buildings (primarily apartment buildings and hotels). 

Our business model is based on end-to-end services for the customers, from consulting and advice, through specification or production of appropriate fire door types, to delivery, installation, and servicing.

The products from Małkowski-Martech S.A. boast unique physical characteristics. Our portfolio includes products developed from the proprietary European Patent No. – it makes our doors exceptionally light (up to 40% lighter than traditional doors), highly impact resistant and very durable. The parameters are achieved thanks to years of our experience in the design and installation of fire doors, and to an innovative method of production.

Our company has been growing dynamically since its change in the ownership structure and takeover by Mr. Zenon Małkowski in 2003. From that time then, the company began specialising in the production and installation of fire-proof products.

Today, Małkowski-Martech S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of fire doors in Poland and Europe, and a leader in innovation in this sector. The company holds many patents, certificates, and permits which are a testament of the high quality and competitiveness of its products (this includes an ISO PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 certificate).
Mr. Marcin Małkowski is the President CEO of Małkowski-Martech S.A.

On 22 December 2020, Małkowski-Martech S.A. jointed the corporate group of ASSA ABLOY.

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