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Our products have specialized features that take into account the difficult working conditions in industrial facilities

Specialized lowered gates are designed to close bunker chutes in waste incineration plants: . The gates are extremely large and have specialized features that take into account difficult working conditions, such as dust, fertilizer, tons of garbage or corrosivity. Specialized materials are used in the gates dedicated to the bunkers of the waste incineration plant. Their sheathing must be carefully selected. All gates are equipped with an automatic control system. The project is created on an individual request, often the structure of the gate has to include an inclined assembly.

Fire closures of transport systems: contain many innovative technical solutions confirmed by Polish and European patents. Depending on the shape of the conveyor, the system of the fireproof locking system is adapted to the individual needs of the recipient. The range of selection includes solutions for the closing element with the necessary fire-tightening components in the area of the transporter, as well as an optional system responsible for clearing the working space of the system from transport units. The control ensures full fire safety both for buildings and the entire transport line.

Marc-Pk fire dampers designed to separate fire zones in accordance with the applicable fire regulations, allow you to close openings in walls and ceilings. They can be adapted to carry significant loads, allowing for example the movement of vehicles on their surface. They are used mainly in production plants, warehouses and collective residence facilities.

Marc-Pk fire dampers in the standard version are single-leaf with hinges or four-sided bolts. To meet individual requirements, they can be made as sliding or double-leaf hinged partitions. Each leaf panel is made of modified, fireproof mineral wool of A1 class, reinforced inside with steel bars with a galvanized sheet cladding. The elements of the hatch with the possibility of surface finishing in any color from the RAL palette or in the stainless version. It is possible to use an electric drive also with a gravity closure and to connect a wide range of electrical equipment.


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