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Our team


We share our experience
Our team is a group of people for whom creation of a perfect product, which meets the needs of the market, is a prority. combining the activities of many departments is aimed at supporting our customers and Partners in the achievement of their business objectives by providing them with fully profesional services. 
Due to many years of experience, each new project is a challenge to us. We design, manufacture and install, without forgetting that only due to knowledge and involvement one can create solutions that will combine innovation and reliability. 

Currently, while listening to the needs of our Customers, we make changes and reorganise to come up to their expectations in an even more efficient and accurate manner.  We understand that, to a large extent, mutual success depends on the professional preparation of all our departments and their readiness to respond to the Contracting Party’s needs.

Departments of our company

  • Commercial Department

  • Contract Execution Department

  • Construction Office

  • Manufacturing Department

  • Logistics and Warehousing Department

  • Service and Complaint Department

  • Marketing and PR Department

  • Accounting Department

We invite you to contact us! 

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