Slanting gate with a bearing capacity of 3.5 tons

Difficult operating conditions. Ecology. Functionality

Municipal Waste Utilization Plant in Białystok is one of the largest and most demanding investments in Podlaskie Voivodship. It was chosen as one of 30 municipal projects for TOP Municipal Investments 2016 contest. In the incinerator, due to thermal waste treatment, renewable thermal energy is produced. This facility is part of perfectly structured waste management system on a national level, including the implementation of selective waste collection. The whole complex is a modern design that requires specialized solutions.

Design challenge - drop-down inclined gate resistant to pressure of 3.5 tons

Specifically for the incinerator bunker, a drop-down inclined gate was designed, which construction and roofing has been carefully selected in cooperation with the design team. The bunker is an essential part of the waste incineration plant and requires a custom-designed solutions. Gate closing the bunker is a solution, not only functional and safe in terms of fire, but also synchronised with the entire system of the facility. Extremely difficult operating conditions of the gate (dust, pressure of more than 3 tons of waste, corrosivity, and high fire resistance parameters) proved to be an ambitious challenge, but fully feasible.

Grafika z wpisu Slanting gate with a bearing capacity of 3.5 tons


Waste Management Centre in Konin;
Waste Incineration Plant in Cracow;
Waste Incineration Plant in Szczecin;
Waste Incineration Plant in Poznań.

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