Escape tunnel – a phenomenon on a global scale

The highest building in Warsaw. Huge design challenge. Many people and over a dozen floors.

Warsaw Spire is a complex of office buildings in Warsaw city centre. The total area of this multi-storey building is over 104 thousand m2, and the usable area is 60 thousand m2. It is designed as a utility building, and its functionality and innovation owes not only to ergonomic solutions, but also fire protection and evacuation solutions. The building is the tallest construction of its type in the capital, and one of the highest in Europe. It won the first award in Eurobuild Awards 2011 in "Outstanding Architectural Design of the Year in Poland" category.

Grafika z wpisu Escape tunnel – a phenomenon on a global scale

Escape tunnel - an alternative to the existing evacuation systems

The skyscraper features an escape tunnel specially designed for this space. It consists of two overlapping segments, which in the case of fire slide out from the corridor to the open space of the building and allow quick evacuation of people from the top floors of the office building. When the tunnel is activated, the emergency lights inside go on, while the door in the facade, through which the tunnel slides out, open automatically immediately after the fire alarm goes on.

This innovative solution has been patented.

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