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Małkowski – Martech S.A. offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services of all Marc fire protection gates in the warranty and post-warranty period.

Our service includes:

  • ensuring the proper maintenance of the product;
  • repair and replacement of all parts or elements that were subject to wear during operation;
  • technical support and conducting activities to ensure safety and reliability of the product throughout the entire period of its use;
  • regular contact with Customers who purchased our products;


To address the expectations of our Customers and their needs our offer includes basic, full and customised service.

  • Full service – carried out in the warranty period and upon the expiry of this period based on permanent service agreements; includes all the activities related to the maintenance of the product fitness for use.
  • Basic service – carried out in the warranty and post-warranty period based on purchase orders for the performance of individual works.
  • Customised service - carried out based on Customer’s individual needs.


When you are interested, detailed terms and conditions of the service will be presented in the offer prepared specially for you based on the received Application for repair and maintenance services of Małkowski-Martech S.A., which, upon completion, should be forwarded to the following


  • fax: +48 61 / 222 75 01

Repair and maintenance services are carried out by teams of qualified and experienced employees of our company or subcontractors, which hold manufacturer’s authorisation to perform repair and maintenance services of MARC fire protection gates. To ensure our Customers that the service is fully professional, persons authorised to conduct the installation need to hold the Certificate of Installation Authorisation, and service technicians Site Certificate of Service Authorisation.


We remind you that periodic inspections of fire protection gates should performed in accordance with the maintenance and operation manuals for “Marc” gates at least every 6 months.


  1. Regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of 07 June 2010 on fire protection of buildings, other civil structures and sites - §3.2 “Fire protection equipment (...) should be subject to technical inspection and maintenance activities in accordance with the principles and in the manner stipulated in Polish Standards concerning fire-protection equipment and fire extinguishers, in the maintenance and operation manuals and user’s manuals, prepared by their manufacturers.” §3.3 “Technical inspections and maintenance activities should be conducted in the periods set forth by the manufacturer; however, not less frequently than once a yearly”;
  2. Technical Approvals of ITB;
  3. Operational and Maintenance Documentation.