Swinging door

Evacuation through the whole clear opening available. Two-way operation. Innovation

Warsaw’s Arkadia is one of the largest shopping centres in Poland, with more than twenty million visitors and customers a year. Arkadia stands out friendly architecture: glass roofs, wide hallways, elaborate mosaic patterns, and the use of natural stone and glass. To maintain a consistent indoor space concept, the project required a number of customised solutions that were compatible with the predominant design.

Grafika z wpisu Swinging door

Marc-Wh swinging doors

Fire swinging doors encased in glass for the designed usable areas. This product is a perfect solution for areas where it is not possible to determine the direction of evacuation. It is also unnecessary to use a door frame with this product. The door leaf can be mounted directly on a wall or ceiling. The product does not require a system of closers, as the automatic return to the closed position is gravity-assisted by an innovative solution for the hinge system. The doors can be clad in different materials and harmonise with almost any indoor design, maintaining its unique look and feel. The solution is patented.

Grafika z wpisu Swinging door
Grafika z wpisu Swinging door

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